1. No hacking. No game-breaking exploits.

2. No racism/hate speech. Don’t spam/flood. Don’t harass via PMs. /speech

3. Signs with homophobia, racism, admin slander, detailed nudity, or hate speech aren’t allowed.

4. Play fairly. Don’t ask or harass admins for favors or advantages.

5. Don’t slander admins, impersonate them, or give them commands/orders.

6. Names must have over 3 unique, consecutive English characters. Blank names aren’t allowed.

7. Names that are stolen or duplicated aren’t allowed.

8. Don’t wall off monuments/radtowns. Walling off quarry and water well is allowed.

9. Do not BUILD, LIVE, OR STORE LOOT inside of foundations.

- The cave "bucket" exploit is now allowed.

- The vast majority of building exploits are now allowed due to their absurdly common usage in the Rust build metagame.

Please, don't hesitate to ask Stannis about any bugs or exploits you think might be relevant. We cannot prevent all bugs and exploits, but we do target these abusive violations

More Information: Hate Speech & Toxicity

1. Extremely over-the-top, abusive speech toward the server, the owner, and the staff.

      Why is this not allowed? We provide a service for you day after day. Attacking our community is highly unproductive. Discuss serious concerns with the owner versus mindlessly and disrespectfully engaging your problem.

2. Completely misrepresenting Rusteros maliciously or harmfully. This is often by toxic speech, or especially by lying.

      Why is this not allowed? We put in work toward keeping an ethical code. You lying about what we're doing or misrepresenting us costs us unncessary time.

3. Speech that is directly racist, homophobic, or absurdly hateful in nature.

      Why is this not allowed? We are attempting to build a community. Breeding actual raw and purified hate within our community has no place.

4. Directly provoking or showing a clear intent to instigate other players to break rules.

      Why is this not allowed? Provoking other people to break rules does not promote any sort of helpfulness; it also shows cowardice to break them yourself. No, breaking rules doesn't make you evil. Yes, breaking rules makes you a person that clearly doesn't respect the time that is invested for the sake of the community.

More Information: Spam/flooding, harassment, in-game racism, or signs

1. Spam/flooding explained:

- Spam is considered needless things written in public chat that are not used for talking purposes. It is largely synonymous with flooding. Spam may include writing completely incomprehensible or needless things on a continual basis.

- Flooding is considered typing the same thing over and over, or collaborating with your clan or group to all type the same thing with the purpose to create further spam or flooding. If you flood or spam chat, you are subject to being muted.

     Why is this not allowed? It's a nuisance to people who moderate and read every single message of chat. Additionally, it's extremely distracting for people who are actually playing and not using the game as an AOL chatroom. 

[These sections will be updated further, as more common sense is unfound.]