Contact Us

Need to contact an admin? Need the server owner's attention?

Private message Stannis, or, a staff member by clicking on their name on the right-hand side of the screen in our Discord.

Ban Appeals

Please construct a message by private messaging Stannis. Detail why you were punished, and why you shouldn't be punished. Any and all appeals are reviewed; second chances are possible.

Do you think someone is hacking?

Feel free to assist us in constructing a case against the player to get them banned. Specify why you think the player or clan is hacking, but more specifically, find names or PLAYERIDs listed in your combatlog.


Please include in your report, if possible: the player's name, the player's steam profile or steamid, a combatlog, a video, timestamps relevant to the video, or any other detailed relevant information. 

We can work with you to not only screen the player, but to get them banned if they are hacking. 


Staff Applications: How do I apply?!

We're happy to review staff applications, though approval process may be lengthy. 

If you want to become a staff member, the best way to start out is by applying for a Guide position. Currently, we are accepting positions for Guide rank for our server and would be happy to give it to you if you are a good fit.

Guides must be:

- Helpful in chat

- Active in the server

- Honor the server's code of conduct and respect the community

- Be a good representative of the community and how they should act

- Adhere to the server rules

The Guide Staff position does:

- Recommend suggestions to new players if they require advice in chat.

- Answer questions that players might have via Discord or in-game.

- Contact Stannis directly via Discord if any immediate issues arise.

- Have a higher respect, since they are considered an actual staff member.

- Warn players in chat if they are violating /rules and being extremely toxic members to the server. 

Guides have the ability to issue verbal warnings. More importantly, a guide is expected to reach out to Stannis if warnings need to be issued or have been issued, so that higher attention may be sought. Guides are a step underneath chat mods, mods, and admins, and may not kick, ban, mute, or issue any punishments other than warnings. They receive a chat tag to indicate that they are a staff member. 

Are you a Graphic Designer? Want in-game perks?

Currently, we need graphic design work done for our website and server. 

In-game Donator perks will be given out as a reward for your time, effort, consultation, and graphic design work. Please feel free to contact Stannis via Discord about this.

Do you simply need someone to talk to and hang around with?

Let us know. We're a social community, and if we can't speak of Rusteros as a whole, you may reach out to the owner if you wish to talk or hang out sometime.