(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions - Gameplay/Server

When's the wipe?

  • Our website's main page and our Discord's #server_announcement channel have active updates concerning our wipe. Our Discord allows us the freedom of posting way more information concurrently.

How do I skip the queue?

  • It's a donator perk available at the top of the webpage.

How do I PM or Private Message?  

  • Type /pm "Name Here" Hello
  • This would print a greeting to the player called "Name Here"

How do I respond to a PM?

  • Type /r Messagehere in-game to respond.

How can I appeal a friend's mute or ban, or my own?

  • Please visit the Contact section at the top of the webpage.

Why is the server lagging?

  • There is no linear and simple answer to this question. Debugging any conflicts, maintaining the server, optimizing our plugin loadouts are all possible reasons for lag.
  • We can't promise a lag-free server anymore, as lag reports have skyrocketted since NavMesh updates, scientists, and bandit camp have been introduced. What we can promise is that with your support, we can either continue to upgrade hardware, switch hosts, or take any steps necessary to ensure a near lag-free environment. 
  • Previous steps we've taken to reduce lag: optimizing and trimming our plugin loadout from 58 plugins to 31, consulting with other owners, optimizing our MySQL database, server hardware upgrades, running optimization/diagnostic tools, and even reinstalling the server several times over. This list continues; rest assured, we will continue to work toward diagnosing and solving lag issues. Stay tuned on our Discord for concurrent announcements in our #server_announcements_and_ISSUES tab - we try to make well-known issues announced once we have found their cause.   
  • Current steps we're taking: working with professionals to optimize plugins and server-side settings. Our plan B is switching locations or hosts if necessary; we're prepared to take any venture necessary to prevent lag.
  • We have set up a 2nd server called "Rusteros: Experimental Test Server" - if you are experiencing any lag, stutter, or delay, please visit that server and tell me via our discord what your experiences have been like in-comparison. Additionally, you can further help by getting more people to test that server out - a higher pop means more stress. We highly and endlessly appreciate your productivity and concern.

Do admins play?

  • Yes and no, admins/owner do not play; however, they reserve the right to do so. We feel that actively playing (especially with clans) introduces bias into the server. The owner played for the first 2 years of the server's existence, and our old players know the integrity of my playership on the server. 
  • With this being said, admin abuse is never tolerated. Admins will not be spawning in items or deleting your base unless it's directly relevant to a situation of a proven or EAC banned hacker.
  • If the owner is playing, he'll have shadowplay on, in case of childish accusations.

What is the team size?

  • Team size is 8; the clan size is infinite.

Can I get an AK?

  • You won't get any items spawned in, if you want items you can ask other people in chat. 

Is smelt speed 2x? Why are my items not smelting as fast as I want?

  • The smelt speed is the same it has been for 3 years. It is not vanilla; it is boosted.
  • Current versions of smelting are not functioning as intended. Once we find an integratable version, we will use it. The current version of smelting we are using functions as intended for our settings.

My question's not listed!

Not all questions can be simply and hastily answered. Feel free to contact a staff member on discord or to ask another member in #general if it's a generic, non-private question.

Discord FAQ

   Why did i get banned from discord? how do i appeal?

Publicly talking about tickets, hackusations, or concerns that invoke lengthy discussions (often originally provocative, negative, or inappropriate for public chat) are not encouraged in our #general chat of our Discord. Slander isn't tolerated in our chats either, and often result in a mute or ban.

   You can refer to the top of each channel for appropriate content or directions concerning our Discord text channels.

Build Exploit FAQ

   Is [build exploit] allowed on this server? Check our Rules section above, screenshots/examples will be posted and more detailed information will be announced.

As of December's wipe (12/2018), we will allow all building exploits with the exception of living/building/storing loot in foundations. This exploit will still be prohibited.

Future Server FAQ

   Are you open to more servers?

Yes and no. We care about the mothership, Rusteros Near-Vanilla, more than anything else; however, when we have appropriate resources (staff or patreon) we may prepare for future servers. We have more than plenty of ideas from the community members over the course of our existence, and we have many ideas backpocketted for future servers. Feedback is always being gathered; however, optimization is #1.

Feedback & Comments FAQ

   Am I allowed to post feedback about the server and give criticisms about management?

You're always allowed to message Stannis for any reason; keeping it polite would be to your advantage. Those who answer tickets and assist others with issues very often deal with heavy toxicity - we are open to your qualms if you keep them well-thought out and kept far away from emotion and attitude. 

   Specifically, if you message an admin or the server owner, there should not be an issue. We would be happy to discuss your thoughts.

   But wait... I was punished for commenting about the server? Are you serious?!

You were likely slandering the community, publicly defacing the community, or purposefully going out of your way to represent us in a poor light. You're welcome to be yourself - discussing private matters or specific problems with the community or tickets are welcomed if you contact a staff member. Public chat is not the place to instigate drama or incite hatred for the community.

Staff FAQ

 Who are the mods?

Mozartacus, Pjosip, and other online staff members may assist you with chat issues.

   If you have issues related to moderation, staff, or punishment, feel free to contact Stannis.  

  How do I apply to become a staff member?

You can apply to become a staff member through your behavior: be active on Discord, help new players out, and invite others to play games with you! Hang out Rusteros and we'll consider hanging around with you.

Donator FAQ

   Why would I sub on Patreon, or why should I donate?

Support gives us the freedom to make any changes necessary to the server, and of course, allows us to pay our monthly server bills (game server, website, RCON service).

     Patronage demonstrates dedication to the server and fuels/propels time and maintenance into the community.